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The M.S. in Information Sciences and Technologies (IST) provides an opportunity for in-depth, career-oriented study that explores how information is understood and applied in the modern computing industry. With technology expanding along new paths every day, companies need professionals that are able to facilitate the movement of information between those paths. They need leaders that have an area of expertise, and can also see the big picture; people who can understand and apply trending tech to ultimately help the end user.

The IST curriculum is designed to produce those kinds of people. Students learn about data analytics on a global and enterprise scale. Theory and practice are merged into real world problem solving exercises, challenging students to integrate web systems, databases, analytics, and more. The program offers 3 concentration areas, and gives students the tools they need to reach the highest positions in the biggest companies in the computing industry.

For information about our 2 other graduate degree programs, visit their websites (Human-Computer Interaction or Networking & Systems Administration), or check out our departmental site Information Sciences & Technologies.

The student was able to quickly come up to speed on the technologies that we use in our product platform… He has been given the same level of responsibility as the full time employees and has handled it without problem.

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