Ronald Vullo, Associate Professor - Web Design and Development

About Ronald

My early research in hypertext and multimedia learning environments has evolved over the years into my current work with dynamic database-backed web sites and web applications. I am currently creating an XML syntax as an abstraction layer on top of the programming and database work that makes such sites possible. Connected to this work on the web is an interest in online communities and the virtual worlds they represent. I have also been bringing this development to bear in support of new platforms such as the Apple iPad.

For much of my career I have been involved in medical and dental informatics. Much of that work has led to issues of visualization and user interface and interaction design. I direct an ongoing open source electronic health record effort called Project Galen which is a natural outgrowth of pioneering efforts of mine throughout my pre-RIT career. I also have a strong background and interest in using technology as a tool for education. I''ve also done research connected to the accessibility of technology to those with disabilities, as well as taking advantage of new technologies to assist them.

I am faculty advisor to the Minor in Web Design and Development I created for non-computing majors and in connection with that I've expanded my efforts in digital imaging and video.


GOL 2519