Michael Floeser, Senior Lecturer - IST Assessment Coordinator

About Michael

Michael brings over 25 years and a wide variety of programming, database and Internet experiences to the classroom. Interests are with integrating technologies, programming, and device integration, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), native mode Android programming. Michael has a BT degree in Operating Systems and an MBA in Finance. An example of integrating technologies include data collection and statistical analysis of the engine block assembly line at Buffalo Tonawanda engine plant. Then taking this developed technology and integrating the system to Massena's aluminum casting facility. During this project the Equipment Status Language (ESL) was created for General Motors (GM). An object oriented programming language allowing people with minimal programming experience to modify and write new code to adjust for changes in the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) ladder logic. The end result was graphical displays, telephone based query of information, historical recording and trend analysis, statistical analysis of parts made, and an AI component to predict and warn when tooling will fail to make correct parts.


GOL 2669